Nightmare Before Christmas: Putting up the Decorations

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Putting up the Christmas decorations: either a fun-filled experience or a dreaded one. The trials and tribulations of deciding where to put the tree (but it always ends up in the same place), finding that box of Christmas lights that always goes walkabout, hanging up that decoration your child made at nursery (a sticky combination of pasta, Pritt Stick, and glitter), who insists it must go centrepiece but doesn’t quite fit with the theme.

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It can seem like a daunting task. And the palaver might leave you feeling a little Scrooge-ish. But fear not; if you’re fretting to get your tree out of storage and untangle the tinsel, I’ve got some tips to give you that bit of inspiration.

Plan in Advance

Planning ahead is the key to avoiding the fluster of decking your halls. Why not create a weekly planner in the run up to December? Allocate at least a week to getting your decorations out from the loft is a must because, let’s face it, you know it’s going to take that long. Like everything to do with Christmas, treat it like a military operation and it will all run smoothly.

Try Something New

Once you’ve organised your existing stash by discarding the tatty tinsel and that set of lights that no longer light up (and it’s time to let the creepy Santa figure go), new decorations are a great way to add a new lease of life to your Christmas grotto. Take inspiration from the Christmas displays you see around town or the Christmas edition of your favourite home and living magazine. There are plenty of ideas online, too.

Add Personal Touches

My final piece of advice for now: don’t be afraid to get creative with your Christmas decorations. It’s easy to make your own personalised ornaments. Let your imagination run wild (P.S. a little PVA glue goes a long way!).

But if DIY really isn’t your thing (and even if it is), make sure you check out my range of personalised decorations and signs. To add those special touches to your home, pick a sign with your favourite Christmas quote or treasured memory to truly decorate your home for the festive season.

These ideas will (hopefully) help you to create some fun and unique features in your home and maybe, just maybe, embrace the craziness of Christmas!

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